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Friday, August 17, 2007

Ballard in NCAA 2008

Adam Ballard is once again a powerful force in the video game world. In this years NCAA College Football 2008 video game Ballard is ranked the 6th best fullback in the nation. Ballard is given a 92 overall, 84 speed (top 10), and 80 strength. He is also a star impact player. We all know that Ballard could not be given his real stats because he would become the Bo Jackson (Tecmo Bowl) of NCAA College Football 2008.

I played with the Mids for the first time today against my roommate. My roommate is a huge Notre Dame fan so he played with the Irish. Now, he knows all about the powerful triple option that the Mids use and especially about Ballard. I started the game a little slow against his all out blitz packages. I called some audibles for some passes to loosen up the D. Once I started to get a hold of the new plays in the Navy playbook, it was all over. Ballard led the 52-28 beating rushing for 226 yards on 15 carries. That comes to a 15.0 ypc average. Ballard had a long run of 68 yards and a 52 yard reception out of the backfield. Ballard broke many tackles on his way to scoring 5 touchdowns!

I feel that these statistics are just a sample of what is to come when I start playing the computer to simulate the upcoming Navy football games! I predict big things once again for the Heisman hopeful Adam Ballard!


Blogger Adam said...

Very nice, gotta pick that game up.

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